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1. Fiesta Night in Peniscola
Well well well ... as every year the challenge Pub opens its doors on March 16, to continue riding the parties that you deserve, we have done a small reform vastante amending the aesthetics of the pub ... it's perfect. If you want to dance on the bar you know, come to the Challenge, you get tired of the party. And prepare the body for Easter, feasts are prepared in the Challenge and other bars Peñiscola night ...

Enjoy the summer nights, enjoy Peñiscola

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The tourism brand "Costa Azahar" covers the whole province of Castellon, which is the northernmost of which make up the old Kingdom of Valencia.

With an area of five miles, has fine, warm beaches, wild and beautiful bays, all bathed by the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

Inland, complete with lush pine and oak forests and vast orange groves. It is bounded to the north of Catalonia, on the west by Aragon and the south by the province of Valencia, in the unique extension that forms the end of the Alt Palancia and La Plana.

Castellón province is also the second highest mountain in Spain, so it blends perfectly and in very few miles away, the clean beaches of the coast with a rugged terrain in the interior that is declining as it approaches to the coast.

In "Costa Azahar" guarantee nearly three hundred days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 18 º. These factors make it an excellent location to enjoy throughout the year as a Mediterranean climate with long hot dry summers and mild winters makes it an ideal place to live and enjoy the unique attractions that offers visitors the Spanish province .

Castellon is a province with strong roots mostly industrial agriculture. Herein lies eighty percent of the Spanish ceramic tile industry and that coexists perfectly with the growing and marketing citrus, orange is the tree par excellence of "Costa Azahar", and its flower the "Orange Blossom" is named after.

Castellon tourist strip corresponding to the coast is very well connected. From north to south crosses the highway A-7, with wide access roads to the public, also has a full-service rail and even sea and air under the small gap with Valencia, capital of this Commonwealth, Province will soon aereoportuarias facilities that provide even more access to our lands.

Traditionally, one of the most important resources of this province as it is fishing in the Mediterranean area is rich in fish and shellfish. Tourism has been incorporated to industrial prominence and now also occupies a preferred position. Professionals in this sector have taken advantage of the wonderful resources and natural beauties of the Costa Azahar and complemented with a contemporary range of hotels, campgrounds, restaurants and golf courses and marinas.

From north to south, Vinaròs is the first city that greets visitors to "Costa Azahar", this population has undergone a complete transformation of a few years back, with new neighborhoods, streets entirely urbanized, dotted with beautiful Gothic buildings and Baroque. Vinaròs has a modern bullring, a commercial and fishing port, wide, clean beaches with full services and great food in which the shrimp is the most precious and traditional.

Benicarló is a town of Arab origin, with pre-Iberian centers nearby. It has a medieval town with houses in remarkable heraldic we can see in front. Through a long avenue, the population is connected to the sea where fishing port highlights and its long, wide beach that reaches the singular Peñíscola, the hub of tourism in this sector "Costa Azahar.

Peniscola is not only unique for its location on a rocky promontory surrounded by sea and joined to the mainland by a sandy isthmus, but for their exceptional monuments, historical facts of which was the setting and the beauty of its beaches and huge cliffs Sierra Irta natural place of great beauty.

The majestic Castle of Peniscola built by the Templars in the thirteenth century. It is a unique work, Aragonese style, austere and stripped of all ornamentation. This unique work was continued later by the Order of Montesa and Pope Benedict XIII, also known as Papa Luna where he retired after the Western Schism. Peniscola has played an important role for years in the major events in the history of Spain. This population is currently the most visited tourist city throughout the Valencian Community.

Further south, we find Alcossebre eminently tourist town of Arab origin, who later settled fishermen. Is added to Alcala de Xivert and has a modern marina, beaches and magnificent estates and flats.

In the village we find Torreblanca Torrenostra Sea, with an excellent beach, campsites and restaurants surrounding an old fishing village that today is under constant development as a resort and vacation.

Among this population and Oropesa del Mar, occupying part of the municipality of Cabanes, is the Parque Natural del Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca, an important wetland that preserves valuable plant and animal species.

Oropesa del Mar in extending the beaches of La Concha and Morro de Gos, both in soft sand. Next to them a modern marina that opens excellent prospects for tourism in this population. Oropesa del Mar also has wild and beautiful bays with pine covered with a wide view over the Mediterranean, which highlights the area of "Las Playetas."

Benicàssim, people of Arab origin, is the birthplace of tourism "Costa Azahar, turned to this activity not only for its magnificent beaches, but also for its rugged mountains, very near the coast, forming the unique landscape of the Desert Palmas. The sea and the mountains are so close that even confused somewhere along the coast. With the spectacular development of villas and apartments by the sea, Benicàssim has become one of the summer resorts and most important of the Mediterranean coast Spanish and to visit.

The beaches of Benicàssim extend continuously south, connecting with the capital, Castellón de la Plana, which represents an almost unprecedented in Spain for nine miles of uninterrupted sandy beaches, spacious and clean, equipped with a large number of hotels, campsites, typical restaurants, golf courses, flying club, tennis courts, a planetarium, discos, pubs and in the center, the majestic Parque del Pinar, natural setting just a few meters from the sea, the pride of Castellon for their singularity.

Castellón has one of the most modern ports and greater projection of Mediterranean commercial and fishing paragraphs cohabit with the Yacht Club, where there are currently over three hundred boats and sports where you can practice a large number of water sports has meant so promoting an interesting sea sports, especially among young people. Thirty miles from Grau rises Columbretes archipelago, four groups of volcanic islands that appear in the eyes of visitors and boats stranded at sea. The largest, measuring 14 hectares. It is of unique beauty and are a protected nature reserve.

The Playa del Grau expires in Pinar, maritime district of the capital, well known in tourism facilities for the extraordinary profusion of restaurants where you can taste the most typical dishes of this area, especially rice of all kinds, freshly caught fish and shellfish, some varieties of which are unique in the world.

Our tour of "Costa Azahar" takes us to Almassora, near the mouth of the river Mijares, of great ecological interest. The township is dotted with shrines of medieval origin and is a huge orange grove where he kept old "masets and farming hamlets. The beach, located a few kilometers from the town has numerous villas and apartment buildings. It is a quiet, yet away from the hustle and bustle of other areas, ideal for sun and temperatures that enjoys exceptional for most of the year.

Five kilometers is Nules, the former Noulas, contained in the Roman itineraries. In this population are also numerous vestiges of Roman times. And next to her, Mascarell, still surrounded by walls built of mud homer of mortar, mud and brick. Nearby, the beach, with a developed set of apartments and summer residences. It should be noted the uniqueness of the Park "L'Estany, a large freshwater lagoon near the Mediterranean.

Almassora A few miles on the road to the south of the province is Burriana, city of ancient lineage. It is the first town in the county of La Plana and goes back to the ninth century. Stresses its interesting old town and in it, several buildings from the thirteenth to eighteenth centuries. It is also known as the Cradle of Orange, in whose honor has recently built a museum. The port, built at the beginning of this century aimed to serve the export orange trees. Today is also very active and sport fishing. Next to the harbor, beach and its surroundings rises an important nucleus of villas and apartments that offer an exceptional future of tourism.

Monophase, whose name means "place of wells, is a village located near the mouth of the river Belcaire still retains vestiges of its old city walls, is a typical village huertano maritime district which has a good beach that has recently experienced a growing development as a summer resort by bringing together many chalets and villas.

"Costa Azahar" brings a whole all the amenities required to spend an unforgettable season for its beauty and its peaceful places where you can enjoy a few days in direct contact with nature, bright sunshine and exceptional temperature after making know preferred instead to live an unforgettable vacation.

Chilches and kept beaches, with a large, modern promenade with villas and apartments give way to the end of our tour of "Costa Azahar" Almenara, where construction castle from Arabic, which played an important role to Throughout history, from El Cid, to the Carlist wars, through the conquest of James I and the War of Independence. The beach is known as the White House, was formerly inhabited by a group of fishermen and farmers who gathered in barracks, turning over time into a modern tourist plaza.

Other towns in the province of Castellon

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Costa Azahar Castellón Adzaneta Aín Albocácer Alcalá de Chivert Alcalá de Xivert Alcocéber Alcora Alcudia De Veo Alfondeguilla Algimia de Almonacid Almassora-Almazora Costa Azahar Almazora de Castellón Benicarló Benicàssim Castellón Benlloch Betxí Borriol Burriana Cabanes Cálig Canet lo Roig Costa Azahar Castell de Cabres Castellfort Castellnovo Castellón de la Plana Castillo de Villamalefa Costa Azahar Catí Caudiel Cervera del Maestre Chert Chilches Chodos Chóvar Cinctorres Costa Azahar Montanejos Morellá Navajas Nules de Castellón Castellón Olocau del Rey Costa Azahar Onda Orpesa-Oropesa del Mar Palanques Pavías Costa Azahar Peñíscola Pina de Montalgrao Portell de Morella Puebla de Arenoso Puebla de Benifasar Puebla Tornesa Ribesalbes Rosell Sacañet Salsadella San Jorge San Juan de Moró San Juan de Peñagolosa Castellón San Rafael del Río Costa Azahar Cirat Cortes de Arenoso Costur Cuevas de Vinromá Culla El Cabo Castellón El Toro Eslida Almedijar Almenara Alquerías del Niño Perdido Castellón Altura Arañuel Ares Del Maestre Argelita Artana Ayódar Azuébar Barracas Bejís Benafer Benafigos BenasalEspadilla Fanzara Figueroles Costa Azahar Forcall Fuente la Reina Fuentes de Ayódar Gaibiel Gátova Geldo Herbés Higueras de Castellón Jérica La Jana La Llosa La Mata de Morella La Vall d'Uixó Les Useras/Useres Lucena del Cid Ludiente Matet Moncófar Montán Sant Mateu Castellón Santa Magdalena De Pulpis Sarratella Segorbe Sierra Engarcerán Soneja Sorita Sot de Ferrer Sueras Tales Teresa Tírig Todolella Toga Torás Castellón Torralba del Pinar Torre Embesora Torre Endoménech Torreblanca Torrechiva Traiguera de Castellón Vall d'Alba Vall de Almonacid Costa Azahar Vallat Vallibona Castellón Vilanova d'Alcolea Villafamés Villafranca del Cid Villahermosa Villahermosa del Río Villamalur Villanueva de Viver Villar de Canes Villarreal de los Infantes Villarreal/Vila-real Villavieja Villores Vinaros de Castellón Vistabella del Maestrazgo Viver Xiba de Morella XilxesCosta Azahar Zorita del Maestrazgo Zucaina Castellón

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