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Peniscola has many points of interest to visit among which include the following.


CastilloThe Templar Castle, Pontifical is the strength he shares with the Vatican and the Papal Palace in Avignon the privilege of being one of the three venues has been Pontifical throughout history. Today the castle was declared National Historic-Artistic Monument, is the focus of tourist and cultural attraction, the second most visited monument in Spain after the Alhambra in Granada, making the visitor in a door through which access to the experience of its history. Therefore, it is one of the main attractions of this coastal municipality.



MurallasEqually superb are the walls that was built by Philip II to the important architect Juan Bautista Antonelli times between 1576 and 1578. El Portal Fosc, or portal of Philip II, is one of the three entrances to the old. Great is the Portal de San Pere, or Papa Luna (who had it built in 1414), whose central part shows the arms in stone of Pedro de Luna. Was access to the fortress from the sea when the waters reached the foot of the wall and the boats aground in the same ramp at the foot of shoreline.




Virgen del socorro
In the old town is the parish church of the Virgen del Socorro, Gothic tracery of the fifteenth century and part of it door architectural elements and Romanesque tradition, preserved a treasure trove of extraordinary historical and artistic merit that it should be noted between a Benedict XIII processional cross, a chalice of Pope Luna and Shrine of Clement VIII.




  • The Hermitage of La Mare de Déu D'HERMIT

The Hermitage de la Mare de Déu d'Ermitana, next to the castle, which houses the image of the patron saint of the city. It was built by Governor Don Sancho de Echevarría between 1708 and 1714.


  • EL BUFADOR (The blower)

The Bufador, is a geological curiosity that is a natural tunnel carved into the rock on which sits the city and on the Mediterranean waters and out continually, causing violent thunderous roars and rises of sea water in the days of temporary.


Museo del MarThe Maritime Museum: located on the bastion of the Prince pays tribute to the maritime tradition of the people of Peniscola. It is divided thematically into three areas: History, Marine Fisheries and Wildlife. Here you can find models of ships, anchors, amphorae, bronze helmets, documents, graphics, audiovisual and three aquariums with Mediterranean marine species.


    • When you come to Peñíscola not miss the spectacle of birds of prey that we have prepared for you. We are in the gardens near the castle of Peniscola. Do not miss the opportunity to see the exhibition and display of 50 free-flying birds of prey: hawks, eagles, owls etc.

      Telephone: 669 76 15 51

      Address: Castle of Peniscola, CP: 12 598, Peniscola, Castellon Costa Azahar,


  • Pappagallo GARDENS

Jardin del Papagayo

Situated on the Costa del Azahar, between the towns of Benicarlo Peniscola, is the GARDEN OF THE PARROT. An unforgettable experience for fans of the parrots, and for anyone who wants to spend some time in the company of our parrots. A zoo where parrots become ambassadors for our planet's biodiversity

Sierra de IrtaThe Sierra de Irta: protected recently by the Natural Area figure is a line of mountains with 573 m. maximum height and 15 km. of coastline. There is the possibility of horseback riding, mountain biking, quad biking or walking the trails of the mountains, equipped with a specific signaling system. In the Sierra de Irta can visit the hermitage of San Antonio, dating from the XVI century, from whose parapet is an excellent view.

Illes Columbretes Las Islas Columbretes. Formadas por cuatro grupos de pequeños islotes y escollos, de origen volcánico. Cada grupo toma el nombre de su isla más grande, asi tenemos: la Grossa, la Ferrera, la Foradada y el Carallot. Están asentadas sobre fondos de 80 m. de profundidad y alcanzan una cobertura de 3 millas marinas, representando uno de los pequeños archipiélagos con mayor interés ecológico del Mediterráneo. Se realizan excursiones desde Peñíscola


    • Columbretes Islands. Formed by four groups of small islets and rocks, of volcanic origin. Each group is named after its largest island, so we have: Gross, Ferrera and Carallot Foradada. Funds are settled on 80 m. depth and reach a coverage of 3 nautical miles, representing one of the small islands with greater ecological interest of the Mediterranean. In an excursion from Peniscola
    VENTURA BOAT AQUATIC ACTIVITIES Come share your passion for the sea with us.
    We have a whole range of possibilities to make your holiday more
    that sun and relaxation.
    The perfect complement to your vacation by the sea ... From cruises to sailing to jet skis racing vertiginous;
    water-skiing, diving baptisms ..

    SUPER BONANZA GOLONDRINA Daily excursions to visit the caves, stairs and the typical Papa Luna Bufador.
    Trips to the neighboring towns of Benicarlo and Vinarós, in which the journey is enlivened indented to passengers.
    But without doubt, will be unforgettable trip that will take you to the natural park Columbretes Islands.

    SPORTS CENTRES Mediterranean Sports Centre Address: Avenida Papa Luna, s / n
    Phone: 964 48 December 1912
    Description: Gym, Jacuzzi, Sauna

    AP Study Centre Director: Dr. Marcelino Roca, s / n
    Description: Tennis

    Peñismar Complex Address: Avenida Papa Luna, s / n
    Phone: 964 48 June 20
    Description: Tennis

    Font Nova Sports Address: Camino Pebret, s / n
    Phone: 964 48 03 76
    Description: basketball court, sauna, squash, tennis, mini golf, pool, indoor pool

    Polideportivo Municipal Address: Avenida Papa Luna, s / n
    Description: basketball, tennis, handball, football, gym, indoor sports hall


    Tot Buggy full advantage of nature with a new style of driving.
    Our vehicles offer you the security you demand and the adventure you need to live.
    Paths and discover you never imagined.
    All routes are guided and are made with the utmost respect for the environment. Private parking for customers. Offers for groups and businesses.

    Sport Diver Bicycle, scooters (50cc and 125cc).
    We organize excursions to the Sierra de Irta quad and buggy.
    It also provides technical service and distributor of scooters, quads, buggies and jet skis.
    New 2005: quads and night tours at the end, dinner at Roca Mar.
  • GOLF COURSES Golf Management Overview: San Jorge (35 km from Peniscola)
    Phone: 964 49 30 72/964 49 30 63
    Description: Golf course (18 holes)

    WATER PARKS Acualandia Address: Urb Peñismar. Peniscola
    Phone: 902 50 51 05
    Description: Mini water park

    Aquarama Address: Benicassim (60 km from Peniscola)
    Phone: 964 30 33 21/964 30 20 69
    Description: 14 attractions, restaurants, shops, etc.

    Costa Caribe Address: Vilaseca / Salou (A 105 km from Peniscola)
    Phone: 902 20 22 20
    Description: 14 attractions, restaurants, shops, etc.

    Terra Mitica theme park Address: Benidorm (250 km from Peniscola)
    Phone: 902 February 2, 1920
    Description: Attractions, Shows, Restaurants, etc.

    Port Aventura Address: Vilaseca / Salou (Peñíscola A 105 km)
    Phone: 902 20 22 20
    Description: 5 thematic areas: Polynesia, the Mediterranean, China, Mexico, Far West

    Raptor Refuge Address: Castle Gardens Peñíscola Together
    Telephone: 669 76 15 51
    Description: Falconry Display


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